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 Интервю с Pussycat Dolls (предстои)

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Брой мнения : 876
Age : 31
Местожителство : with vampires...of course
име : Полс
Интереси : Gossip girl, Edward Cullen, Jasper Hale
Registration date : 25.05.2007

ПисанеЗаглавие: Интервю с Pussycat Dolls (предстои)   Съб Юли 28, 2007 6:45 pm

Those saucy Pussycat Dolls have been begging us to loosen up their buttonz. But how would they really feel if we invaded their physical space?

TOTP: If you're hugging someone who's upset, is it wrong to enjoy the hug?
Kimberly: If it's like a perverted guy who's like, you know, "Oh honey, why are you crying? Let me give you a hug!" I think that's weird, but if it's like, you know, "I love you, don't be upset, you're my sister!" or something like that, I think it's ok.

TOTP: How do you feel about public displays of affection?
Melody: Sometimes I like it.
Kimberly: I'm usually a little more comfortable than the person I'm with.
Carmit: Me too! Me too!

TOTP: In what way?
Kimberly: Just in like, as far as I'll go. I'll kiss in public or holding hands or hug or whatever, I don't see any wrong in it. Like, my favourite thing is seeing an older couple – 70s, 80s, 90s - walking down the street holding hands and being affectionate. I love that.
Carmit: As long as you're not, like, what do you call it here – snogging?

TOTP: Or tongue sandwiches...
Kimberly: Yeah, no tongue sandwiches!

TOTP: What would you say was the size of your personal space?
Kimberly: I did this test in psychology once about your personal bubble. You stood there and someone walked close to you and you had to say "stop!" whenever your bubble felt invaded. And some peoples' were really close and others were far away. I'd say mine was, like, medium
Carmit: Mine's medium too.
Melody: Mine's medium too but I do freak out sometimes. You know when you're standing in line and you move and the person behind you moves and they get really close? It's the worst! I wanna turn around and, like, hit 'em.

TOTP: If you could mark your personal space, what would you use? Warning odour or electric forcefield..?
Melody: I would have a plastic bubble. I guess that is a forcefield. Unless I touch you and then that's like you're invited into my space. Like you could hold my hand.
Kimberly: I'd have yellow caution tape. Some people can duck under it if they have my permission, but they've just got to let me know.
Carmit: What was that last one? Yeah, I like the electric forcefield. I like that.

TOTP: So you want to punish and torture, then?
Carmit: Not punish. They could bounce off, unless I changed the, what do you call it, ions or whatever?

TOTP: What's the weirdest bit of unwanted attention that you've had?
Kimberly: Sometimes you meet somebody and you don't really know them. I mean, they can appear to be one way and then something strange can set you off and you go "wow they're weird!"
Melody: That can happen in a lot of cases. But I mean, there isn't a difference between when I was in high school or, you know, now. Some people are just crazy.

TOTP: What do you do if you have a diabolical itch in public?
Carmit: A diabolical, like an intense itch somewhere? Scratch it.
Melody: Depending on where it is. Like, if it's your butt I wouldn't say I'd be all [mimes bum scratch] in public.

TOTP: Would you duck into a shop doorway to have a good old go at it?
Kimberly: Or go for the squeeze, release and shake.
Melody and Carmit: [In unison. Quite excited] Yes!
Carmit: I've done that before.

TOTP: What do you do if someone comes and starts rubbing against you on a dancefloor?
Kimberly: Walk away?
Carmit: Definitely not rubbing. Rubbing is a definite turn-off. If they want to dance and have good vibes. Cool.

TOTP: How do you get out of a bad date?
Carmit: I don't really like to date. I just feel like you either have a connection with somebody or you don't. Dating is weird.
Melody: If you think back to your boyfriends, you know, you always met them through a friend. When you go on dates, it's just like "oh, he was cool... for a second."
Kimberly: I have a pretty bad one. I met this guy who was really beautiful. He was Italian and I ended up going back to his house to get to know each other. So I went to his house and I knew that he had been on a reality show. We're chilling and all of a sudden, he's got, like, all of his computer equipment everywhere and...
Carmit and Melody: [Communal shriek]
Kimberly: ... And I didn't really understand. I just went with it, kind of got to know him, didn't like him anyway. So I got home and I looked at his website and he totally had his own like home chat room and he recorded everything in his house!
Carmit: Did he record you?
Kimberly: I don't know. It was gross. Eccch.

TOTP: What's your getaway method for a situation like that?
Melody: My mom always told me to drive on the first date. So if the date starts going south, you can just hop in your own car and leave.
Carmit: Sometimes you have to cut it short and put somebody in their place.
Kimberly: If it's like dinner and a movie and it's sour during the dinner, just say, "oh, I don't think I'm going to make the movie..."

Interview by: Nickie L


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Интервю с Pussycat Dolls (предстои)
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